Thursday, August 12, 2010

Culver's = Comfort Food

Deluxe Bacon Double Butterburger® (macro style)
Deluxe Bacon Double Butterburger®: Grand Forks, ND – April 15th, 2006.

A Culver's stop is always on the itinerary if I'm stateside. Of course, I have yet to visit a state that doesn't have at least one Culver's restaurant...which means I should look beyond visiting Illinois, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin in the near future (y'all know I'm kiddin', Midwest. I love you!).
My wife – then girlfriend – informed me about these amazing things called "Butterburgers" back in 2005 in vivid detail. So vivid, that I made sure I went to one while my classmates and I stopped for food en route to Chicago. I order up one of those lightly-toasted, lovingly-crafted Butterburgers, and I was instantly hooked. I figure I've been to at least four locations in the aforementioned states, and one thing has hit me about this place: consistency. The service (pleasant and polite), decor (simple blue n' white color scheme...reminds me of a picnic for some reason), food quality (definitely satisfying), and cleanliness (terrific) have been the same every time.

Fried Awesomeness
Don't front on the cheese curds. You'll be sorry.

How can I describe biting into a Butterburger? Well, I guess I'd start with the comfort of the toasted buns, which were gently kissed by heat and buttered generously, but never to excess. Follow that with an immediate hit of freshness from whatever toppings you requested. Me, I love onions...much to my wife's dismay. Then, of course, comes the double whammy of a well-seasoned patty that isn't chopped and formed, and real Wisconsin cheese.

Sorry...I need a moment.

Did I mention the frozen custard? So good. I tend to eat mine with nothing but peanut butter. That's all it needs.

Writing this has served as a reminder for me to renew my passport.


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  1. damn, I don't eat meat, but that's one tasty looking burger!