Thursday, August 12, 2010

MASTICATORS Abroad | Hot Doug's, Chicago Edition

At the beginning of July I traveled to Chicago for a friend’s wedding. I think it was my fourth trip to the city — I love that place — so we didn’t do any of the typical tourist-type stuff.

One place we were able to hit was Hot Doug’s – The Sausage and Encased Meat Emporium. After a $20 cab ride and a 1-1/2 hour wait in line we finally got to taste what all the hype was about. The place has been touted on a bunch of food shows and blogs and, while that doesn’t necessarily mean it is good, Dan MacAdam of Crosshair Chicago ensured us that it does, in fact, live up to its mythic status. Pretty much everybody from Chicago on and anyone else that’s been there confirmed Dan’s statement as well. I’ll add to the hype. The place is awesome.

Here’s my evidence:

About 3/4 through the 1-1/2 hour line.

The daily specials board. It was a tough decision – as you could imagine. I mean… look at it!

I ended up ordering 1 Jimmy McNichol.

Hot Doug himself.

Hey, after 1-1/2 hours in a line for HOT DOGS I think you’d order wayyyy too much too. That drink on the left was pretty damn good. Sioux City Cherries ‘n Mint Soda.

The Jimmy McNichol (See the board above for ingredients)

Hot Doug’s B.L.T.(See the daily specials board for ingredients)

We also got the duck fat fries. Yes, fries... fried in duck fat
(Only on Fridays and Saturdays! We lucked out that we were there Friday!)

If you're ever in Chicago Hot Doug's is a must. Expect a long line — but expect to be rewarded for enduring it.

Also, look for me in my Hot Doug’s tee shirt!

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